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Table Bases & Legs Gallery

Ive created this gallery of past table legs and pedestal base designs to help clients see various options for custom orders. While steel legs are most common for live edge slab tables Ive also made legs and pedestal bases from other natural wood materials like tree stumps and roots, acrylic/lucite, as well as reclaimed horn/antler.

Steel Legs & Pedestal Bases

Steel legs are available in wide range of styles, designs, shapes, finishes, etc. Some are made custom to fit the exact size of the slab and to deliver the design the client may have in mind.  There are other leg sets and pedestals made in standard designs and sizes that already come finished in a flat black powdercoat - these are made in a production environment and cost less than custom steel. These legs can be re finishedin other powdercoat colors for additional cost.  Powdercoat is like an extra durable paint that gets baked on and available in a wide range of colors, metallics, neutrals and high gloss to flat sheen. Specialty plated finishes like chrome, brass, or copper are available but can easily multiply the cost 3x more because of materials and polishing time. If you have a design in mind that you dont see here, you can email me an example photo for inspiration and I can get a quote. 

Wood Table Legs & Bases

Ive created modern and artistic wood resin hybrid legs and bases for several specialty table commissions. Ive also used natural tree bases and root clusters with glass tops as well as carved burl legs.

Alternative Material Table Legs - Acrylic & Horns/Antlers

Ive created legs from unusual materials that range from extremely modern like acrylic to rustic and natural like horns and antlers. Ive made horn legs to support waterfall tables as well as 3-leg and 4 leg arrangements for table tops. Below you will find some of the past examples. I recently discovered a local source for reclaimed Gemsbok and Eland and look forward to using them on a special table or desk. 

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