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Custom Order Info

My primary focus is building custom commissioned made-to-order furniture. If you are looking for a table thats already built and available for purchase please checkout our SHOP page. Every piece I make is one of a kind.

For custom orders I consult with you to best understand your functional needs, color and shape preferences, and budget to best provide wood slab options and overall design to suite your space and make exactly what you want within the constraints of materials and budget. 

Premium reclaimed wood slabs, steel fabrication, powder coating, glass, resin, CNC machine time, labor and supplies are all some of the costs that come into play when creating a custom one of a kind piece of furniture.  We strive to be competitive with our pricing but we are also in the business of creating extraordinary functional art from natural materials and that comes at a price. 


Approximate Price Ranges:

PLEASE READ! ***River tables with glass inlay, epoxy/resin, gemstone, or fire features are always on the higher end of budget due to more supplies that go into the build process. Costs can vary dramatically with higher end burl wood selection compared to more plain straight grain common pieces. 

Custom Order Minimum is $5000 - The component costs and amount of labor and supplies that goes into these pieces make it impossible to create on a low budget other than smaller scale artwork. 

Dining Tables - $8,000-$50,000, most average $10k, the tables exceeding $15k are typically extremely large in size and weight, exotic burl,  intricate inlay work, extensive steel fabrication or other engineered components. 

Coffee Tables - $5000-10,000 depending on size

Desks - $5000-20,000, most average $8500

Root Ball Tables - $3,500-20,000, most average $5500

Large Burl, Resin Hybrid Wall Art - $8,000-15,000

Steel Design:

We work with multiple welders locally that each have unique skills and equipment to provide and work with us together around our design requests. Some are more efficient and lower cost for basic linear steel legs while others specialize in more intricate designs with plasma CNC to cut out steel components with precision, and other focus on old world forging techniques. We also have a handful of pre-made leg and base designs that are available.


We are based in Phoenix and deliver most pieces local for free or for a small fee within AZ. Extra large pieces that require covered trailer transport or team lift delivery are the exception, we have to charge for that to cover added labor, trailer rentals, mileage, etc.

If you are not local and are requesting a quote, expect shipping costs to be between $1000-2000+ for large heavy pieces. Glass River tables are even more costly with high risk. We work with a local shipping and packing company that professionally crates our furniture and brokers the lowest freight cost for your zip code.  We can offer residential white glove delivery or curbside freight as well as commercial loading dock freight. 

If you'd like to know more about our process and what goes into the making of authentic handmade live edge furniture and what differentiates us from  cheap imported knock offs checkout our FAQ page.

***Please have a budget in mind and describe the piece you'd like us to create for you in as much detail as possible. An 8ft river dining table could vary anywhere from $9500-15,000 depending on the type of wood, resin vs. glass, the style of the base or legs, etc. If you have a budget and design notes about what colors of wood, overall style, etc we can make recommendations to fit.

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