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Meet Bernadette

1963 Chevrolet C10 Longfleet

When LumberLust first started getting serious we realized it was time for a change of scenery and function with our automobiles. My wife and I both grew up around "classic cars" and wanted our own child to experience that as well and also infuse our brand with something that represented our style.


When I first started looking I was originally hunting for a mid 50s C10 or F100 but when I found this '63 she had all the right mechanical upgrades like a stout 327 small block V8 and 700r4 transmission, CPP disc brakes, CPP suspension, and original patina and room for more upgrades in the future. Oh and the 9ft+ long bed certainly has come in handy for hauling large slabs.

Some of the first things we had to do to prepare for more "daily driver" use were primarily maintenance fixes and updating... rebuilding tilt steering column, replacing old dim lights with new LED lighting, fixing on-going electrical gremlins, replacing worn shocks and coils and raising 1" higher (it originally had cut 3" CPP drop coils and shocks and was sitting on the stops). 

Last month we were planning a delivery to a customer in CA which expedited some of the upgrades and fixes to ensure we made it there and back without troubles.  One thing led to another which meant 20 trips to the stores and several calls to friends in the hot rod community and got her ready for the road. This included fixing coolant leaks, which turned into replacing the water pump, moving the alternator onto proper brackets, removing old flex fan and mounting the new electric fan and wiring in relay and thermostat, replacing old harness from firewall forward, and refilling with fluids.  That all got wrapped up and made for a trouble free trip to and from West Hollywood from Phoenix.

A couple days after we get back home, we leave to head towards west Phoenix to delivery 2 tables and it dies at a light on us. We started tearing it down to troubleshoot what we thought was the timing chain and turned out to be the rotor had came apart in pieces inside the distributor and took out the ignition module/coil in the process. We had just installed this part not even a month ago -  this time we replaced it with MSD components which were obviously much higher quality than the previous parts. While we had everything apart we went ahead and replaced the rear main seal, new pan and gaskets, timing covers, header gaskets, and refilled with fluids. 

We're hoping to add power steering and AC very soon. 

A huge thank you to our friends in the automotive community like the fellas at SoCal Speed Shop AZ, Lopers Performance, The Chrome Guy, and PlumFloored Creations for sharing their wisdom and helping to trouble shoot and provide parts anytime we need it. 

Sometimes this old lady needs some love but most of the time she serves us generously.

Wine Glass Mill with c10
c10 long bed delivery truck
63 C10 longfleet CA delivery
327 Small Block V8
Big wood haul, Walnut and Pistachio
Taking a cruise to Tortilla Flats
Greasy little boy helping Dad
CA Roadtrip delivery in the C10
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