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When my wife and I bought our first house and we began preparing for the arrival of our son, it was one of our goals to replace all of our cheaply made "starter" furniture with pieces that were made to last and that reflected our personal style. I started by restoring, refinishing, and repurposing vintage furniture items and building pieces for ourselves and family. Our son made sure from the very beginning that our finishes stand up to daily use. My first encounter with live edge urban lumber started with a small Mesquite log taken down at a neighbors house that I had milled into end grain cookies and kiln dried.  This Mesquite led to our first resin pours, butterfly joint patches, and ultimately the first set of live edge tables. Some of our first customers found us at local art festivals, word of mouth, and social media. 

For the first 5 years my modest woodshop has been based out of our home where we have grown our business one tool and one table order at a time. As of 2020 I had took an opportunity to grow and started renting shop space out of Wine Glass Bar Saw Mill. Now our home shop is mostly used for resin pours and the mill shop is used for sanding and other dirty work. 

This is one of the reasons we use no-VOC casting resins and food safe finishing oils on all of our creations - to keep our family and yours safe. We strive for minimal waste and low carbon impact - donating scrap wood to other makers and sourcing supplies from local small businesses whenever possible. 

I primarily focus on commissioned pieces but occasionally build inventory to flex artistic design with extra special wood pieces that are sold online and in local boutiques. 

Ive tried to push myself forward with each piece experimenting with unique combinations of natural materials in order to present my own perspective in the form of furniture art. We consult with clients to create a piece that best serves their practical needs and find the right materials to create the best balance of form, function, and vanity. 


All of our pieces are a one of a kind collaboration between mother nature and man.

Im extremely grateful for the opportunity to follow my passion and do my part to preserve and pass on the natural equity in these chunks of tree.

I strongly believe in replacing mundane temporary furniture with pieces you love that connect your home with the Earth; organic art to create a lasting impression. 

Huge thanks to the publishers who continue to help us reach new customers.  Our work has been seen on HGTV, AZFamily CBS, and 3TV. You can also see our work most recently in Luxe Interiors+Design and Phoenix Home & Garden.


woodshop with craftsmen and son
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