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  • Ryan Walsh

Walnut Single Slab Dining Table

My client brought this large 36x110" Walnut live edge slab in for me to finish into a dining table. It spent over a month in the back of his truck in the sun after it was flattened which cause severe cupping from moisture imbalance. Reflattening the piece wouldve removed too much thickness, and the movement was too severe to blend. A previous maker he was working with advised to cut the slab up to create a river table. However, I was determined to keep this huge slice of tree whole and maintain and preserve it's story with less plastic. After spend a week soaking in a few hours of hot sunlight and misting with 50/50 water alcohol mix I was able to get the slab to correct itself nearly flat. Enough to clamp everything down, seal it up and fill the voids with clear resin, and inlay C channel to support high tension areas along with added steel in the custom trapezoid legs. I polished out the top side to 1k using Dynabrade air powered sander with Mirka mesh abrasives, and applied the 1st coat of Odie's Super Duper oil to share the wood grain pop for your satisfaction. After this coat I polished the resin fill areas to 4k and buffed with plastic polish and cutting foam pad. It will also get 1 more coat of Odie's oil + wood butter and machine buffed before the client picks up his table.


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