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  • Ryan Walsh

Monkey Pod Wood Slab Table Resin River Transformation w/ Kambaba Jasper

Updated: Apr 14

A client referred us one of their friends from Paradise Valley that had purchased a live edge table in Bali over 5 years ago. He was told it was Teak wood when he purchased it. Their family had been using it as an outdoor table under the gazebo by their pool and had weathered considerably.

Their goal was to have it recreated into a resin river table to use as a coffee table in their living room following renovations to their Paradise Valley home. I cut apart the slab top and CNC flattened both sides, stripping the old weathered finish before casting it in resin.

During the consultation process my clients saw the 4x9ft Maple crystal river table with the gemstones and geodes inlayed, along with other special rock in my stash. They decided to have me inlay Kambaba Jasper and Pyrite into the river along with a special silver clover charm that represents when they met on St. Patricks Day.


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