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Heirloom Beach Wood Project for Arcadia Client

Updated: 1 day ago

My client Ryan contacted me about a large chunk of wood that had been on his Mom's property in Arcadia since they were kids. He didnt know much history about it or where it came from but was wanted to have some custom tables made from it. Based on first looks I thought it was a chunk of Walnut root that had been tossed around the beach for many years based on smell and color. During milling I hit 2 different rocks that I had to cut around. All of the pieces went through a bug kill cycle in the kiln before thickness matching all slabs and composing them into a round island oceanic resin cast 34" coffee table and 31x48" elliptical oval coffee table in emerald green resin. Once I started sanding the wood it was easy to identify as coastal Redwood by smell and wood grain and softness.


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