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Maple Wood Slab Table Portfolio

Maple has always been a popular choice for multiple styles of modern organic wood furniture. 

Burl wood slices make great coffee tables, cluster burl slabs are perfect winding shape for river table tables.

The natural blonde color varies from bright platinum, to golden amber, and rust/ grey color streaks. 

Its light natural color can be modified with dyes and tints for ebonizing, white wax, and vibrant colors.

You'll see a lot of examples of the varying types of Maple wood is a wide range of shapes from large slab dining tables, round burl wood coffee tables, wall art and river tables made with epoxy resin or glass inlay. Vibrant color mods including royal purple, cobalt blue, firecracker red, peacock green, and more shown below. 

The woodgrain figure ranges from curly, quilted, burl, angel steps, all which can include spalting.

Below you'll find photos and video of all the various natural edge wood furniture art Ive made for past clients from different slabs of Maple wood.

Most of these live edge slabs have been reclaimed from Washington, Oregon, and California.

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