Local Reclaimed Hardwoods

Arizona is home to some incredible species of hardwoods most of which we obtain from local saw mills that specialize in reclaimed urban lumber. Some of these trees fall during the monsoons, others from property developments, or landscaping waste. Its a laborious time consuming process to take the raw log to a finished piece of furniture.

Below you will find some examples of the wood species that we work with.  Not all are always available or some might not be suited for all projects. If you'd like to inquire about a custom order, send us an email or fill out our Quote Request Form. To see items available for purchase immediately, checkout our Shop page.

Red Gum Eucalyptus Burl
Reclaimed urban lumber Red Gum Eucalyptus Burl is vibrant deep red with carmel sap wood and a grey/dark brown live edge.
Mesquite Burl
Mesquite burl shows an array of colors from bright golden blonde and carmel highlights to dark cinnamon and peppery lower grain.
Alligator Juniper
This golden coppery species grows all over northern Arizona around the White Mountains and other high desert climates. Its commonly used for firewood, but several saw mills actively search to reclaim large dead juniper logs for furniture.
Sissoo Indian Rosewood
Sissoo Indian Rosewood is local exotic hardwood that is used a lot around Phoenix for landscaping. Deep reds with streaks of charcoal and green with a golden blonde sapwood.
Eucalyptus Microtheca
Eucalyptus is a very heavy dense hardwood with very unique figure and color. Its a medium golden reddish tone.
Carob is a rare local favorite. Always has a ton of character and interesting raw rustic shape to the live edge and deep golden red hue.
Carob End Grain
Carob End Grain slabs are especially rare. Carob Always has a ton of character and interesting raw rustic shape to the live edge and deep golden red hue.
There are many varieties of Mesquite which means a lot of variation in color and figure. This darker variety is considered the most desirable.
Silky Oak
Originally an Australian tree brought to Arizona for landscaping purposes. Its not really an Oak and has a very unique gold hue with a silvery grey colored sap wood.
Mediterranean Olive Wood
Local Grown reclaimed urban olive wood live edge slabs are semi-rare especially in large sizes. Very highly figured blonde tone woodgrain.
Black Acacia
Local Grown reclaimed urban black acacia live edge slabs offer a lot of vibrance and glow.
Canary Island Pine
Local grown reclaimed Canary Island Pine (semi-hardwood pine)
Aleppo Pine
Local grown reclaimed Aleppo Pine.
African Sumac
Local grown reclaimed urban lumber African Sumac, oxidizes red in the sunlight UV.
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Pacific NorthWest Hardwoods

We are also lucky to have some sources for incredible highly figured Walnut, Maple, Western Red Cedar, and other hardwoods reclaimed from California, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington.

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